Vitiligo is a autoimmune skin disorder (just like DM or etc) this happens because of the cell that make pigment (colour) in the skin are destroyed. (Melanocytes)

Loss of pigment without cause it may be localised, generalised, segmental or mixed. It’s seen commonly around twenties. But may appear at childhood or old age also.

People with certain autoimmune disease (hyper or Hypothyroidism) are more likely to get vitiligo than people who don’t have any autoimmune disease. However most people with vitiligo have no other autoimmune disease it may also run in families’ .But most children will not get vitiligo, even if a parent has it.

White patches on skin are the main sign of vitiligo .The patches may be on lips and tips, genetilia, or all over the body, There is no way to tell if vitiligo will spread. In some people patches do not spread but often the white patches will spread to other areas of the body.

Vitiligo is well diagnosed by dermatologist .But confirmed by skin Biopsy, Where loss of melanocytes seen.

Vitiligo is also treatable, it depends upon, type, number of patches .stability and so many other factors. There are number of active therapeutic approaches that are known to be effective.

It is mainly medical line and surgical line, Medical treatment includes local application of creams, medicines that you take by mouth, phototherapy (UVA, UVB), targeted phototherapy, lasers and removing the pigmented colour from normal skin so making the whole body white.

Surgical treatment includes excision of small patches, skin grafting (full thickness, punch grafting and tattotting other area etc…

When you have a vitiligo don’t get upset or depressed.Find a dermatologist, he should also be a good listener and be able to provide emotional support.

Learn about disorder and treatment choices. This can help you make decision about your treatment

Finally vitiligo is not a curse, it is just like one among the other autoimmune disorders.


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