Confirm the diagnosis by Dermatologist and take required treatment till all the signs and symptoms are cured.

Apply creams not only to the affected skin but also to the normal skin, surrounding the affected area.

General Awareness on Fungal Infection

Wear Dry and ironed clean clothes. Ironing will kill the germs present in the clothes

Do not wear tight clothes and undergarments.

Bath twice a day

After shower, dry your skin well with a soft & clean towel.

Wash clothes in warm soapy water & dry them under the sun.

Wash your hands frequently & keep them dry.

Never share clothes, towels, combs & pillows with other people.

Change your socks & undergarments daily.

Clean your bathroom sink & floor well after using them.

Avoid walking barefoot in public areas. Use clean foot-wares.

Wear shoes that are well ventilated. Keep two pairs of shoes. Alternate them to give them time to dry out completely. Never share shoes with other people.

Refrain from sexual intercourse if your intimate parts are infected.

Get your pets treated if they are infected.

Before starting with your exercise, make sure that the exercise equipment is dry & clean.

Sleep for 8 hoours. This will strengthen your immune system to fight against infection.

Never miss your medication. Follow your doctor's advice properly.


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