Pigmentation caused by external irritants such as acids, alkaline or rubbing of ayurvedic preparations is easily removed by the use of Helios 532 / 1064 Q-Switch laser.

A single session is enough to ablate the pigmented tissue and regenerate healthy skin. Pigmentation Treatment Solutions like medications, chemical peeling, and lasers at Skin Care & Laser Centre, Udupi provides a number of procedures that can assist in the reduction of various types of Pigmentation.

Pigmentation can also be treated by medication and chemical peeling.

We prefer to advice to go for medication first later chemical peeling if patient not responding to the routine treatment, then we recommend laser treatment.


SKIN CARE & LASER CENTRE The skin care and Laser treatment clinic is based in the temple town of Udupi, on the coastal belt of Karnataka. Located just 5 k.m away from the world class academic and health care centre , Manipal, Skin Care is a centre of science & art, where surgical precision is combined with deft artistic touches, where rejuvenation of skin is as important as rejuvenation of body & mind.