Psoriasis is a distressing condition and a cosmetic problem – even people with mild symptoms are affected badly.

It is a chronic disease like B.P and diabetes which cannot be cured, but controlled and clear skin is now a possibility with newer treatment options such as biologicals.

Symptoms of psoriasis emerge on the skin, and while the thick, flaky scales cause discomfort and embarrassment for some people, they can also cause physical pain and intense itching. Over a period of time, psoriasis is associated with an increased risk of developing other health conditions such as psoriatic arthritis (pain and inflammation of the joints), which is estimated to affect around a third of people with psoriasis, as well as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression.

At our center we got medical facilities like spot, hand and feet, whole body UVA/UVB chamber and targeted photo-therapy.

Various treatment options are available to treat psoriasis but with limitations related to efficacy and side effects. Patients with psoriasis want clear skin. Newer treatment options like biologics represent a step forward in the treatment of psoriasis by allowing more people to better manage the condition. They are the newest and most advanced type of psoriasis treatment. They offer quick clearance and long periods of remission.


SKIN CARE & LASER CENTRE The skin care and Laser treatment clinic is based in the temple town of Udupi, on the coastal belt of Karnataka. Located just 5 k.m away from the world class academic and health care centre , Manipal, Skin Care is a centre of science & art, where surgical precision is combined with deft artistic touches, where rejuvenation of skin is as important as rejuvenation of body & mind.