Botox injections are given at Skin Care & laser center,Udupi for the management of dynamic wrinkles, crows feet and fine lines of the face.

Botox works by reducing the contractions and strain in the muscles, relaxing and smoothening the skin. The resultant appearance gives a youthful look to the person.

Botox injections are required at intervals of four to six months to maintain such an appearance. The injections cause minimal pain and discomfort and the procedures of very short duration. Results are obvious after ten days.


SKIN CARE & LASER CENTRE The skin care and Laser treatment clinic is based in the temple town of Udupi, on the coastal belt of Karnataka. Located just 5 k.m away from the world class academic and health care centre , Manipal, Skin Care is a centre of science & art, where surgical precision is combined with deft artistic touches, where rejuvenation of skin is as important as rejuvenation of body & mind.