Skin care & Laser Center provides the best and most effective vitiligo treatment in Udupi, India, that will help you restore your skin colour. Vitiligo is due to the lack of melanin, which is a pigment that is produced by certain cells. It is a pigmentation disorder that affects the skin colour. Due to this, it results in white patches, which appear on different parts of the body. There are many different types of Vitiligo which includes Vitiligo Vulgaris, Acrofacial Vitiligo, Segmental Vitiligo, Lip-tip Vitiligo, and Focal Vitiligo.

There are many ways to treat Vitiligo; it can either be through topical applications, surgery or photo-therapy. Dr Lokesh Rao is well experienced in the vitiligo treatment. We have many satisfied and happy patients, who are confident about their appearance. We offer phototherapy treatment, which assists in regaining back the lost color.

At our center we got medical facilities like spot, hand and feet, whole body UVA/UVB chamber and targeted photo-therapy.

We do punch grafting and Melanocytes grafting too. Patients those who want to cover their de-pigmented area Camouflage system kit is also available at our center.


SKIN CARE & LASER CENTRE The skin care and Laser treatment clinic is based in the temple town of Udupi, on the coastal belt of Karnataka. Located just 5 k.m away from the world class academic and health care centre , Manipal, Skin Care is a centre of science & art, where surgical precision is combined with deft artistic touches, where rejuvenation of skin is as important as rejuvenation of body & mind.