Skin Care and Laser Centre is one of the top places in Udupi to manage your nail infections such as the fungal nail infection called “onychomycosis.”

Even though in our center we treat onychomycosis routinely by medical line of treatment, it takes more time to heal and recurrence is common.So in patient who can afford and have a better and fast treatment we will use nail fungus laser for treatment. It works out very well and all the patients are satisfied.

At Skin Care & Laser Center, we use Pulsed Nd:YAG 1,064- nm Lasers for the Treatment of Nail Fungus. We apply in-motion technique where the tip is slightly touching the nail & moving on the entire nail infected area. For the Q-Switched Nd:YAG 1064-nm laser, a total of 5-10 passes over the nail should be employed during the treatment, with a 30 second waiting period between every 3-4 passes. In turn the procedure cures the nail fungus in 2-3 cycles.

Recurrence and Prevention
--Keep toenails cut short so as to minimize trauma or injury.
--Use an antifungal cream on the feet to prevent fungal infection of the foot (athlete’s foot).
--Use antifungal powder to control perspiration that may promote fungal infections of the feet.
--Be certain of the correct diagnosis by seeing a dermatologist.
--Wash and dry the feet properly.
--Do not share clippers and files.
--Avoid being barefoot in public facilities like locker rooms and pools.
--Never wear someone else’s shoes.
--Avoid wearing tennis shoes as regular shoes.
--Use antifungal sprays and powders in the shoes weekly.


SKIN CARE & LASER CENTRE The skin care and Laser treatment clinic is based in the temple town of Udupi, on the coastal belt of Karnataka. Located just 5 k.m away from the world class academic and health care centre , Manipal, Skin Care is a centre of science & art, where surgical precision is combined with deft artistic touches, where rejuvenation of skin is as important as rejuvenation of body & mind.