Skin tags are very common, soft growths on the skin. These are harmless and are usually seen over the face, neck, underarms. Skin tags can be long or short, on the face they can appear as small dark dot or flat looking lesions especially on the face.

Why do I need to remove skin tags?
Skin tags are usually removed for cosmetic reasons. However, some skin tags may get large and infected and may need to be removed as an emergency.

How can I get these skin tags removed?
Skin tags are removed by a simple procedure using a laser or a cautery machine. A thin layer of skin numbing cream is applied over the affected areas. Then the skin tags are cauterised with the laser. Then an antibiotic cream is applied over the treated areas. The skin tags usually drop off in three to five days. Do use a sunscreen cream regularly to prevent any pigmentation over the treated area.


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